Energy Efficiency Consulting

Does your house have cold rooms? Do you have ice dams? Would you like to cut your heating costs? Upgrading the energy efficiency of your home is a great way to improve comfort, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint. And now, the Union Gas Home Reno Rebate will give you up to $10,000 back.

Start your renovation planning by having Baerg's Home Performance Solutions (BHPS) conduct an Energuide Assessment on your home. This will get you off on the right foot with the advice of Dave Baerg, a professional who has over 20 years experience in energy efficiency auditing and contracting. Equipped with this information, you can set priorities to allow you to get the results you want at the lowest cost.

An Energy Efficiency Assessment by Baerg's Home Performance Solutions includes:

Baerg's Home Performance Solutions will take you through the report; giving you detailed advice to help you make your home more comfortable and use energy more efficiently. Ongoing advice and consultation is available by telephone or e-mail.

After you complete your renovations. BHPS will come back to verify the upgrades and help you apply for the Home Reno Rebate. Home Reno Rebate.

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